Commercial Bee Supply launches new location in Hettinger – Grand Forks Herald

BISMARCK, ND • A commercial beekeeping supply business has opened in Hettinger.

The North Dakota Department of Commerce made the announcement on Thursday, January 13.

“As the nation’s top honey producer, North Dakota is a fitting hub for beekeeping supplies and home to many residents who rely on our state’s ability to remain a competitive leader in the honey market,” said Governor Doug Burgum said in a statement.

“Incentivizing the development of resource industries, like Commercial Bee Supply in North Dakota, is critical to bringing jobs and new wealth to the state, as well as opportunities for current and future manufacturers across the state. .”

Commercial Bee Supply, located at 402 Highway 12 East, is expected to create 12 full-time jobs and strengthen beekeeping and other agricultural sectors that play a vital role in the community and region, according to the Commerce Department.

“We are very excited to be part of the Hettinger community and provide supplies to all beekeepers in the Midwest,” said Blake Shook, director of strategic planning for Commercial Bee Supply. “Hettinger, ND is strategically located in the heart of commercial beekeeping country and is easily accessible by car from South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and the rest of the state.

“These are some of the largest honey-producing states in the country, and we look forward to being a local resource for them.”

Jasmin Fosheim, director of the Adams County Development Corporation and the Hettinger Area Chamber of Commerce, contacted Commerce in 2021 when she became involved with the project. In response, the ministry provided a customized report that indicated the tax incentives and financial programs available.

Commerce then assembled a team consisting of Adams County Development Corp., Dacotah Bank and Louis and Clark Development Group to make this opportunity a reality.

“As an economic developer in a small rural community, I feel incredibly privileged to be part of such an impactful economic development project,” Fosheim said. “When we started working with Commercial Bee Supply in early 2021, we knew we had to take advantage of every local and state incentive program we could.

“With the support of Commerce and other partners, we have been able to navigate this exciting project which is expected to generate $19.4 million in annual revenue.”

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