CIENCE announces the availability of a brand new GO Data product


CIENCE launches GO data platform

GO Data has this unfair advantage in that we consume our own dataset faster than any other provider, which makes our data more accurate.

CIENCE today announced the general availability and global release of CIENCE GO Data, immediately joining the world’s best selling data software offerings. After years of development, GO Data is the combination of custom data collection and use as part of CIENCE outbound managed services.

Data Accuracy

Unique among business intelligence data providers, CIENCE validates more contact records than any current data provider on the market.

“Given the size and scope of CIENCE’s thousands of lifetime managed services customers, millions of contact records are validated each month in the normal course of our business,” said John Girard, CEO of CIENCE. SCIENCE. “GO Data has this unfair advantage in that we consume our own data set faster than any other provider, which makes our data more accurate.”

Data Pricing

GO Data customers can now take advantage of the standalone version of the data subscription service, which includes flat-rate subscription rates. GO Data customers do not incur cost-per-contact fees common to other industry players.

“We really want to disrupt the industry,” said Brian Perks, CEO of CIENCE Data. “So we bring all the benefits of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to each of our GO Data customers. We are your new internal file, where the ability to expand your current Total Addressable Market (TAM) is no longer cost-prohibitive. »

Data elements

Given the breadth and depth of the CIENCE GO Data offering, there are over 300 million contact records, over 25 million account records, and a host of useful sales data categories, including specific research covering:

  • Seniority level (C-Suite, VP, Director, Manager, Staff, Partner)
  • Search by title keyword
  • Company Name
  • Contact geolocation
  • Country of company headquarters
  • Industry
  • Company specialties
  • business income
  • number of employees

Custom data

While the GO Data offering is probably the most impressive data offering on the market in years, CIENCE also offers the ability to further customize datasets via GO Custom – the human enrichment of all data points personalized in addition to GO Data. As esoteric as the need may be, CIENCE’s hundreds of researchers can additionally generate a tailored offer for clients looking for exact specifications for their prospect lists.

“CIENCE has an unparalleled level of mastery over the trifecta of data, software and services,” Girard said. “We believe there is an incredible opportunity to leverage CIENCE GO data in innovative ways, making waves in the B2B sales ecosystem.”

About GO Data

CIENCE’s B2B data platform combines millions of hand-selected leads, third-party data, proprietary technology, and privacy-compliant partnerships. Quickly create and maintain audiences to target all buying committee members: decision makers, influencers, stakeholders and end users.

> 300 million business contact and email records worldwide

> Business and contact information for over 25 million businesses

> 80% direct dial coverage (*includes verified mobile numbers)

> Coverage in 149 industries

> Latest verified contact information across thousands of sales development campaigns.


CIENCE is a data company that offers a unique combination of managed services and software to scale fast-growing business organizations. Through highly targeted sales research and orchestrated outbound campaigns across multiple channels, CIENCE delivers consistent results to over 2,000 companies in over 200 B2B industries.

CIENCE is a global organization, with headquarters in Denver, CO (USA), and offices in San Diego, CA (USA), San Francisco, CA (USA), Lexington, KY (USA), Kyiv, Ukraine (Europe ), Manila, Philippines (Asia), and Guadalajara, Mexico (Americas). Connect with us online at or on LinkedIn, Twitteror facebook.

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