Check Out the All-New BMW Coupe That Got TJ Hunt So Excited


In what he believes to be a special 1:1 car, the YouTuber takes delivery of the new BMW G82 M4.

A new video on his YouTube channel shows TJ Hunt traveling to New York to pick up the custom-ordered car he previously mentioned in his recent videos. While the car has been a secret until now, he reveals the new addition to his collection is a BMW G82 M4. He is quick to point out that the new BMW M4 is not a replacement for his Chevrolet C8 Corvette, but a vehicle that was ordered months ago, and he is awaiting delivery. Watch the YouTube video to see him drive to New York to pick up the new car as well as the initial trip after receiving the keys.

Pick up a brand new BMW G82 M4

As they arrive from the airport, a member of staff from the BMW dealership picks them up in a brand new BMW 7 Series executive car, the video quickly captures some of the luxurious features the car offers as they drive to the dealership. While he receives an offer to see the car immediately, he chooses to finish all the paperwork before seeing it in person (that way he can film himself driving the car out of the dealership). It also shows the car keys, which include two physical keys as well as a credit card key similar to those used by Tesla electric cars.

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He believes the car is a 1 on 1 British Racing Green G82 M4, which is complete with an orange interior. He notes that while several automakers like Jaguar (the marque responsible for the F-Type) as well as Mini offer versions of British Racing Green as an exterior paint option, each is a bit unique and the BMW looks different in different types. from light. . It’s a cold day in New York, and it’s dark when he arrives at the car, to make its first cold start in 35 degrees. Putting the car in M2 mode controls the opening of the valves, which affects the sound of the car, TJ first comments that the car is quiet the first time he starts it.

Driving a BMW G82 M4 in the snow

New BMW M4 (G82), front
Via: YouTube via TJ Hunt

As he leaves to take the sports coupe out for the first time, it begins to snow, which adds to the background color of the car’s dark green exterior paint. Leaving the dealership, TJ reveals that he booked a hotel room in New York, but the dealership staff strongly advised him not to stay in town in that car – as safe parking is often hard to come by and rarely guaranteed. While he initially ignores the warnings, he eventually takes their advice and chooses to stay at a friend’s house in Connecticut instead.

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As he drives the hour and a half to Connecticut, he finds himself particularly impressed with the quality of the car’s interior although he is disappointed with the effectiveness of the car’s on-board navigation system. . He again clarifies that the M4 is not a replacement for his C8 Corvette sports car and that the M4 had been part of the plan for months. Check out future videos on his channel for updates on changes to the car in the future.

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