Buffs, Supply Drops, Gold Gear


Apex Legends Season 14 is almost over and the datamining has begun! Players can get a first look at all the weapon changes coming in Season 14. This includes Supply Drops, Gold Items, and Ammo Distribution.

Here’s what you can expect on August 9.

In an attempt to balance ammo distribution late game and around the map, Respawn is taking two approaches. First, they better balance loot around the map, second, they change Wingman to Sniper ammo and Spitfire to Light ammo. This should help late game scenarios with more than heavy ammo. And that should mean that both weapons use the appropriate attachments,

As is now the custom, Respawn removed two weapons from floor loot and placed them in supply points. These two weapons become fundamentally upgraded and at most with attachments if you find them.

The Gold Knockdown no longer has the self-revive function, but the Golden Angel function of the Gold Backpack. The Gold Backpack now has a new feature called Deep Pockets, which allows stacking of additional meds: three medkits and batteries, and two phoenix kits.

This isn’t much of a surprise as the community is calling for a change to the Gold Knockdown shield.

The number one change is to the Eva-8. There may be more weapons listed at launch, but for now the Eva is getting a fire rate boost, bolts to increase it even more, new stocks, and the Double hop-up Tap is back. With the return of the Skullpiercer hop-up, you will also see a buff for the Wingman, Longbow, and 30-30 Repeater which are all hop-up compatible. It’s an easy buff for all three with the increased headshot damage.

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