Broken supply bin glitch gives double loot in Apex Legends


A bizarre bug in Apex Legends allows players to generate additional loot from supply bins after they’ve been opened.

Unlike Warzone where players can create their own custom loadouts, Apex Legends uses a loot system that requires competitors to collect as soon as they enter a match.

Equipment can be found on the ground in every POI, but it can also be obtained through supply bins which can only be opened once.

Once they have been looted, the supply bin should remain empty, indicating to other squads that a group of enemies have already looted that area.

Well, a powerful glitch seems to have changed that, as some community members have figured out how to close supply bins and generate additional loot.

Spawn Entertainment

The bug appears to be related to extended supply bins and the Lifeline passive that provides additional loot.

Featured by Apex Legends YouTuber Skepticalit is possible to close supply bins after opening and looting them.

The bug is triggered by standing on top of a supply bin and is only possible with those leaning against a wall.

If the bin is opened with a caption on it, it will open and then close shortly after.

Although this could only be used as a troll, Skeptation realized that when used on a blue extended supply bin, more loot would respawn after it was closed.

While this glitch doesn’t completely fill the supply bin and only spawns a single gun with ammo, it’s still a powerful trick.

However, as Skeptation noted, this isn’t always consistent and sometimes the bin will spawn nothing at all over and over again.

Some users on Skeptation’s video comments speculated that the bug is related to Passive extra loot and Lifeline’s extended supply bins.

Of course, without developer insight, it’s impossible to know for sure, so let’s hope Respawn gets this issue under control soon.

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