Baltimore-based Mogul Printing helps entrepreneurs promote their business


By Megan Sayles, AFRO Business Writer,
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Mogul Printing has been supplying Baltimore-area businesses with apparel, signage, paper products and custom merchandise since 2014. CEO Daryell Mack’s decision to open the print shop stems from an earlier business venture.

At the time, Mack led a street crew that traveled communities promoting events and products for brands and businesses. BluntPower Air Freshener had started taking off in Atlanta, and Mack’s team took over product distribution in Baltimore.

Since they often frequented the markets with the air freshener, Mack thought it would be a good idea to spread the word with flyers. Rather than having a sales target, he set himself a production target of 5,000 flyers.

The street team eventually distributed over 10,000 fliers for BluntPower Air Freshener. Other brands saw how diligently the street team worked to reach residents across the city and used their help to promote their own products and services.

Mack began expanding his client base, even distributing flyers in other states, and he eventually decided that the next step would be to learn more about the design and printing process.

A colleague helped Mack buy a printing press and Adobe Illustrator, and once he saved enough money and mastered the platform, he bought a large-format printer and officially opened Mogul Printing.

Daryell Mack is CEO and owner of Mogul Printing in Baltimore.

“Mogul” is representative of the title that all entrepreneurs aspire to have in their industries, according to Mack. He chose this word because his business allows him to collaborate with entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

“I believe there are different stages of entrepreneurship, and where I come from, I started out as a hustler…the most important thing was the sales, not the marketing materials,” Mack said. “Thanks to that, I grew and my clients grew too. I went from hustler to entrepreneur, and now I’m a CEO, and eventually I’ll be a tycoon.

Mogul Printing’s print products focus on retail essentials, large format marketing, packaging and pop-up apparel. The workshop can design and produce business cards, postcards, brochures, banners, wall graphics, outdoor signs, car wraps, retractable banners, t-shirts and more.

For Mack, it is extremely important to serve black-owned businesses with its printing services. He said companies often spend large sums of money especially to get brand name clothes from overseas manufacturers, and sometimes the quality is not good enough for the price.

Mack wants Mogul Printing to be the more affordable alternative.

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Mogul Printing’s sales increased significantly.

Mogul Printing helps entrepreneurs promote their businesses with brochures, car wraps, retractable banners, apparel, signs, wall graphics and more.

Watching the news, Mack learned that a mask mandate would soon be in place, and he immediately purchased nearly 20,000 masks.

“During the pandemic, business took off. I saw numbers that I had never really seen in my business before, and the reason for that was preparation,” Mack said.

He believes the pandemic helped him reach and retain customers outside of his usual network because they needed masks.

Currently, Mogul Printing is opening a second location where it will provide retail space for brands that do not have physical stores to sell their products.

In November, Mack’s birthday month, entrepreneurs can take advantage of a 50% discount on all banners.

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