Australia’s fresh produce supply chain education project set to roll out nationwide


A unique educational tool that will immerse students in the dynamic world of global fruit and vegetable supply chain management is being extended to classrooms nationwide, to inspire and equip them to take on responsibilities. roles in the fresh produce industry.

The initiative, which started as a pilot in the Gippsland area of ​​Victoria last year, will be launched this week to high school teachers nationwide via two webinars that will explain the learning module and the benefits of ” acquire knowledge about the operations responsible for the distribution of food in the world. The program designed by CQUniversity Australia will be delivered with the support of Sydney-based supply chain intelligence provider Escavox, who have provided a customized version of their cutting-edge software platform, normally reserved for some of the larger companies. food chains around the world to monitor their supply chains.

Founded three years ago, Escavox is a fresh food intelligence company using intelligent tracking technology to collect and report real-time data on supply chain performance, for a number of fresh produce, especially mangoes and avocados. Data is generated instantly by handheld devices that capture temperature, time and location information while being integrated with foods as they move around the world, effectively enabling food suppliers to optimize the management of their products during transit. Escavox service customers receive information captured by intelligent trackers in real time which they view on a personalized “dashboard” on their PC, smartphone or tablet.

Photo: Molly O’Dea, CQUniversity Agricultural Education and Extension Cluster, using the Escavox Supply Chain Dashboard.

Schools participating in the program will have an interactive digital platform at their fingertips, virtually simulating the program used by Escavox customers to track the movement of their food products around the world. Escavox CEO Luke Wood said inspiring the next generation of budding supply chain managers and post-harvest technologists was a key motivation to support the concept.

“We are a young company at the forefront of the evolution of the food supply chain that sees more and more food companies relying on data-driven solutions powered by IoT systems to drive their operations. more efficiently and cost effectively in the future, ”said Mr. Wood. “To be globally competitive in this space, it is essential that we equip our students of today to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.”

Teachers and students working through the learning module, designed by CQUniversity’s agricultural education and extension cluster, will have access to their own Escavox dashboard or ‘user interface’ specially designed for this purpose. While the information will not be live or connected to actual customer data, the experience will simulate the sourcing of products from their local region to all parts of the world, where the safe and successful delivery of that product depends on decisions made by them. ‘they take over the exercise. CQ University researcher Dr Nicole McDonald said that Esavox provided a perfect platform to increase the digital literacy of young people, enabling them to conduct research, analyze problems by interpreting the data. , study corrective action options and pre-select solutions.

“But beyond all of these skills, it sends the message of the critical role technology plays in helping to feed the people of our planet,” said Dr McDonald. “This gives the students of this program tangible information with real results and is a great gift from Escavox to Australian educators and their students. Partnerships like these have massive influence that spills over into many years. We hope to see the community deepen their knowledge of the Australian agricultural sector and, more importantly, more people pursuing careers in agriculture. Agriculture is such a huge industry and we need to harness the many types of skills and knowledge needed to lead to a range of exciting careers. “

Dr McDonald said the study of supply chains integrates many disciplines, especially in traditional STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields, but also in the social sciences to provide early management learning. business, marketing and communications, international trade and diplomacy.

“Based on this, you can create a complete work unit that integrates many disciplines within the curriculum focused on how global supply chains work, enabling students to address challenges and suggest ways to improve how they work.” “Said Dr McDonald. “In many cases there are no right or wrong answers – the appeal of this program is that it is designed to generate high level critical thinking and analytical skills so that students develop the tools necessary to conduct their own investigations and formulate solutions that they can test and evaluate in a collaborative environment. These are skills that we see as highly valued by modern workplaces operating in sectors such as supply chains that evolve rapidly and are infinitely complex. ”

CQUniversity is hosting webinars for educators and others interested in the program on October 7-14. To register, go to:

Source: Escavox press release

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