American boxing brand Rumble plans 100 Australian studios in five years


American boxing sensation Rumble has arrived in Australia and has already signed 10 sites for franchisees in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland, the first step in reaching his five-year goal of 100 Downunder Studios.

It’s a brand that attracts celebrities to its studios – stars such as Justin & Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Jason Derulo, David Beckham and Kevin Hart have all worked at Rumble.

Former F45 franchise owners and well-known entertainment industry duo The Stafford Brothers have already signed up to operate a studio on the Gold Coast and promote Rumble in Australia.

The boxing brand debuted in New York City in 2017 and has since spread to the United States in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Palo Alto, San Francisco and Washington DC.

Rumble is owned by the largest franchisor of fitness stores in the United States, Xponential Fitness, Inc, which also has CycleBar and StretchLab in its portfolio.

Boutique Fitness Studios owns the franchise rights for all three brands in Australia.

Matt Gordin, CEO of Boutique Fitness Studios, said, “Like our other brands CycleBar and StretchLab, Rumble is all about being in the moment. We’re confident Australians will embrace the results-driven training and immersive customer experience of Rumble Studios.

“And our collaboration with The Stafford Brothers will expand our reach as we continue to grow our network of franchise partners across Australia.

“Rumble’s nightclub setting is an integral part of the brand’s experience, so a partnership with the Stafford Brothers seems very appropriate,” he said.

Rumble Boxing Comes To Australia From The United States | Inside the franchise business

What clients get when they show up to a studio is a full 45-minute, 10-round cardio and strength workout, using custom-designed teardrop-style, water-filled punching bags. The courses are suitable for beginner boxers to amateur fighters.

“If these are the 45 minutes that a member can take all day, it is time well spent. ”Matt said.

The first Rumble studio is set to open in Bondi this summer.

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