All-Red 1970 Pontiac GTO is brand new despite its age, Rocks Original Powertrain



What is spectacular about restoration projects is that no matter how old a car is, it can always regain its former shine (sometimes beyond) and become relevant again in a market that loves constructions. well done and ready to pay literally anything for one.

The 1970 Pontiac GTO we have here is one of those cars that is sure to cause a stir when it sells out. It is scheduled to do so later this week, at an auction hosted by Mecum in Chicago.

The car is said to be one of 158 GTO convertibles made by Pontiac in 1970. This means that it is rare, but also over half a century old. Still, that clearly doesn’t show it, as the rebuilding process was completed in 2021, making this GTO one of the freshest on the market.

Wrapped in cardinal red on the outside and wearing a color-matched interior, the build is impressive to say the least, even for those who aren’t GTO fans. All that shine is hidden under the original transmission, comprising the 455ci (7.5 liter) engine and 4-speed transmission.

The engine now breathes through a dual exhaust system with chrome splitters and spins suitable Rally II wheels wrapped in Firestone tires. There are also custom elements, mainly in the interior, including the sports steering wheel and seat belts, among others.

The car now only displays the test kilometers driven after the restoration, and it comes with the documentation (including the original release sheet and warranty booklet). The GTO is put up for sale at the mentioned auction with reservation, but we are not told how much that represents.

As usual, we’ll be revisiting this shiny red muscle car as soon as we know how much of a sensation it caused at the auction.

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