AdMass is poised to transform influencer marketing while turning customers into brand advocates

AdMass turns customers into brand advocates

AdMass was created with a vision to make sure everyone can earn discounts, rewards, and money by posting about the products they love on social media.

AdMass was created to ensure that anyone, regardless of their number of followers, can earn discounts, rewards, and money by posting information about the products they like on social media.

— Yuri Kaplan

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, Jan. 14, 2022 / — With AdMass, turning customers into brand advocates is now easier and more effective than ever, because the most effective brand influencers are actually the customers.

The idea is to offer customers rewards in exchange for promotions, such as discounts on repeat purchases, which in turn will help increase repeat sales.

“The goal is to democratize influencer marketing. AdMass was created with the goal of ensuring that anyone, regardless of their number of followers, can earn discounts, rewards, and money by posting information about the products they like on social media,” explains Kaplan.

“And for brands looking to grow in the world of social media, AdMass is the next best bet in 2022,” he adds.

AdMass is great for frequently purchased products and services because it helps businesses offer customers a bundle or percentage off the next purchase in exchange for promotional messages.

Of course, companies could still pay an influential celebrity hundreds of thousands of dollars to endorse a brand. However, the truth is that a person is five times more likely to buy a product or use a service that has been recommended on social media by a friend or family member than they would be by seeing a social media post by a celebrity.

No matter what a business does or how big it is, AdMass can integrate it seamlessly into a customer’s journey. AdMass will turn mailing lists into promotional posts and drive new and repeat sales and customers directly from shopping pages using personalized links. Brands can also add QR codes to products and POS to drive organic promotions.

As AdMass co-founder Daniel Lasek explains, “The past two years have had a dramatic effect on the bottom line of thousands of businesses, forcing many to rethink where they are directing their marketing budgets.”

“The solution is online and on social media, and now, more than ever, brands need the help of everyone, including those with social media accounts who are inspired and motivated to promote the products and services they love,” he adds.

AdMass also allows users to optimize future marketing through predictive analytics. After promotional campaigns, AdMass’ AI technology analyzes each customer’s social media profiles and provides valuable behavioral insights, helping to personalize future marketing and increase customer loyalty.

No matter the size of a marketing budget, AdMass has a promotion plan to fit any budget. AdMass provides each business plan member with a team of experts to help monitor and optimize campaigns, payment protection, and real-time reporting. The AdMass team will also export and analyze data from all of their customers.

AdMass is a member of The Forge – Built by McMaster University, a business incubator funded by McMaster University, serving innovative and scalable startups in the Hamilton, Greater Toronto and Niagara areas.

Visit AdMass today and learn how to use this innovative platform to run profitable marketing campaigns.

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