3 supply chain issues executives are watching

Supply chain disruptions are not expected relax for a while, and CSA leaders have faced hurdles to secure supplies since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are three supply chain issues that are of primary concern to CSA leaders:

1. Ordering backordered medications

Amid supply disruptions, some CHWs are scrambling to replenish stocks of imported supplies, medicines and other goods.

“Some of my biggest challenges include out of stock supplies/medications,” said Deborah Goodman, RN, clinical director of Great Lakes Surgical Suites in Munster, Ind. Becker’s“and keep abreast of the latest issues of COVID-19 or other emerging infectious diseases.”

2. Storage difficulties:

Other CHWs struggle to keep non-medical supplies on their shelves.

“It’s often difficult to stock up on the most haphazard and mundane supplies imaginable,” said Alfonso del Granado, administrator and CEO of Covenant High Plains Surgery Center, based in Lubbock, Texas. Becker’s. “Every week we notice something being allocated or out of stock and we have to scramble to find alternatives or high-priced third-party vendors”

3. Increase in costs:

Supply costs are also rising amid a 40-year inflation spike.

“Because of the rising costs of so many supplies, I spend a lot of time trying to identify waste and cost savings,” said Helena Levenson, senior clinical consultant in ambulatory surgery at Cardinal Health. Becker’s. “I can help facilities make more cost-effective custom packs or, if they’re currently using them, identify waste in the packs or what products we can add to the packs to make them more efficient and effective.”

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